Friday, October 10, 2014

Deck Builders from Oakland, CA Give Your Home an Outdoor Makeover

If you’ve got a fair chunk of untouched real estate behind your home, this could be put to very good use. With minimum time, budget, and expertise from deck builders in Oakland, CA now could be the best time to construct the deck that you and your family can certainly enjoy, while raising the curb appeal of the house. Kevin McKoy gave the lowdown about decks in an article for WilmingtonBiz. First and foremost, a deck adds definite appeal to your backyard. What really sells a home isn’t just the size of a house or property, but the functionality of the space. If buyers can see themselves actually using a deck, it is more impressive than a large, empty backyard. Decks are also very versatile, which broadens your home’s appeal.

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